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The purpose is to bring together like minded organizations and individuals to present their goal on returning America to a “Constitution” based Republic as envisioned by the “Founders”, while other presenters will share their practical successful experiences for the attendee’s emulation.

Thus, individuals can see that there are numerous organizations pursuing the same goal, thereby; gaining increased awareness of the ideological battle that the Republic is embroiled in, and witnessing a variety of options to pursuing Patriotic activism, which will lead to the ultimate revival of the
“Constitution” and the Republic.

To enhance the Spirit and knowledge of the M & G there are a variety of follow up no charge meetings and/or fee based classes and Seminar/Workshops that will further enlighten the individual to the potential destruction of the Republic, if the Marxist ideology is not abated, and how to develop into an effective dedicated Patriot ideological combatant.

The focal point of the education/training series is to expose the depth of the Marxist/Communist ideological threat (see Stzankay)*, determine were each one stands (Special Forces), what can be done to counteract the threat (Developing a Marxist Response Team Study), and develop each one into a
“Constitutional” Patriot.

To peruse this matter further see the education series page, schedule page, etc.

Don R. Watson, M.A.
Family Coach/Consultant


The present day attempt to destroy the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Republic is exactly what a Political Science professor of mine predicted would take place.  Keep in mind that this was over a half century ago in the mid 50’s.  The professor was Dr. Zolton Stzankay who had escaped from Communist Hungry prior to coming to this country.  As a student, and survivor of history, he explained, as though he had a specific revelation from God concerning the coming generations in America, why no foreign power would ever be capable of destroying this country, but how it could be destroyed from within.  It is amazing that he so accurately described the plans by which this process of interior destruction would be carried out. The basic method would be by the pollution and indoctrination of the minds of the young people, via education and music.

Thereafter, we encountered the first predicted generation, the Hippies (out of touch with reality), followed by the Yuppy generation (immediate gratification), culminating in the Out of Control generation (opposing laws, authority, parents and tradition).   He further enumerated how these plans had actually been initiated many years prior to the 50’s, and how they would continue to be implemented, according to typical communist ploys (see chapter 11 pre-Sal Alinsky in Constitution 777).  We are now seeing his predictions and this methodology coming to fruition. 

He was attempting to instill in the students at Valparaiso University in the 50’s what Glenn Beck is trying to make people cognizant of today.  Both were/are attempting to get people to recognize the political cancer that the Progressive Marxist movement has caused in America.   Regrettably this is illustratable in the fulfilling of the perception that a very concerned and knowledgeable professor foresaw 50 plus years ago, as verified by the facts that Glenn Beck is divulging today. The advantage that Glenn has over Dr. Stzankay’s prophecy is the half century time lapse, which thoroughly documents the reliability of Dr. Stzankay’s perceptions, but regrettably highlights how near the completion of the plan is, and hopefully it will make it easier for the citizens to evaluate the imminent danger that we face.  Some uniformed, or those that are in denial of the facts, people say that Glenn Beck is “far out”.  I, however, wonder if he audited Dr. Stzankay’s classes. The factual similarities are astonishing.   It is like he is conducting a review of what I was exposed to at Valpo U.

Will the next generation be The Generation of Revival?   Renewing the Founding Principals or will it be, The Generation of Resignation, writing the final chapter of America’s Greatness?

We pray that the sleeping giant, the American Citizenry, will come out of their Rip Van Winkle slumber, and derail the Marxist plans before the final shoe falls.  Anyone with average intelligence knows that history repeats itself.  Therefore, the question is, will the average American take whatever action is necessary to stop the historical progress that the Progressive Marxists have made?  Will they stop history from repeating itself?  Will they eradicate the Communist methods of control before it comes to fruition in America, thereby preventing the destruction of the America that we have known and loved, a country of unequaled power and compassion! 
Let us look at a few examples of the current Out Of Control generation to see the extremes that it has reached.  Al Gore is telling children and young people that they are smarter than their parents and other adults.  Megan McCain says that the young people are more intelligent than the mature generation that has taught them everything that they know.  Some people have convinced them that they know more than those that are actually capable of teaching them the truth.  The Progressive Marxists thoroughly understand the plans laid out in the Communist Manifesto.

What has led to this dilemma? 

Basically there are two scenarios.

The first scenario is the decimation of the scriptural teachings in the churches and synagogues, the teachings that lead to morals, character and honor.  The principles that our Founding Fathers knew, understood, and lived and died by.  These principles have all but been obliterated by Populist Theology.

The second scenario is the desecration of the core values and structure of the family.  Both scenarios are the result of apathy and the failure to see and/or accept what was taking place right before our very eyes.  These factors resulted in the numbing of the Parenting Responsibilities allowing the schools and politicians to replace the parent’s role as the disciplinarian of their children.  Sadly many parents became more concerned with their personal satisfaction than guiding their children on how to become responsible adults with character and honor. 

An example of this attitude and complacency was demonstrated a few years ago when I was being interviewed on a WPTF talk show hosted by Andy Thomas.  Andy was explaining how he and his wife were having dinner out, a few nights before the program, and how a young child was causing mayhem.  His parents seemed oblivious as to how to handle the situation, thus disrupting an otherwise enjoyable evening for those in the immediate area.  Andy said “as a marriage and family counselor wouldn’t you agree that this child was out of control”?  My response was “no I would have to say that the parents were out of control”.  It is my belief that the parents have the responsibility of disciplining their children, not permitting the children to control their parents.  (ADD = adult discipline deficiency.)  Remember, that the primary definition of discipline is teaching, instruction, training (that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental facilities or moral character).  To punish, or penalize for the sake of disciple, is a secondary definition.  This is according to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary copyrighted in 1977.  However, the Scripture say “he who spares the rod hates his son.”  Prov: 13:24.

Oh, by the way, Dr. Stzankay not only illuminated the coming pitfalls that this country was going to have to deal with, but he had the solution.  It was very simple, live and be governed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  He recognized and gave credit to the Founding Fathers as being uniquely intelligent and honorable men, ultimately relying on the guidance of the Creator instead of man.

Can you possibly envision the potential of this Great Country if the Constitution and Bill of Rights were once again followed and honored by non-corrupt Pastors, Citizens, and Politicians? 
What would the limits of our Country be if wasteful spending was curtailed, the unreasonable restrictions placed by the various bureaucrats were removed, political corruption was punished, and we were allowed to develop our natural resources and unleash the unlimited capabilities of the American entrepreneur?  The thought is breath taking!  The domino effect by the return to Honor, Greatness, and Compassion would be mind boggling!  We could once again be a world leader and benefactor.  We could have a positive trade balance and a balanced, much lower, budget.  WOW!!!

Do you see the correlation between the Past and the Present?

As a brave purveyor of the truth says


 Take a stand for the return to the


 Vision for this country

  Endowed by their/our



 “I am not going to tell you what the Constitution says; hopefully as you study it you will comprehend it as a government document magnum opus.  It needs to be in the heart not just the head.”

Thanks Dr. Stzankay for your prophetic teaching
Based on education, history, and experience

Don R. Watson, M.A.
Family Coach/Consultant


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